Monday, November 19, 2007

Two More Tag Blankets

completed. Fast and easy.

I have a tendency to let things pile up until they overwhelm me, and then I shut down. Knowing this predilection doesn't usually do me much good; although sometimes, I'm able to persuade myself to go ahead and get started on something, anything. If I can just get started, my confidence improves.

There are the projects I want to do, those that are already started, chores/activities that need to be done, and those that must be done. Procrastination and refusal to prioritize keep anything from happening.

Yesterday, very few projects or chores were accomplished.

Today, Christine Kane posted some Solutions for Procrastinators. They are nothing new, really, just timely, and sometimes that is all we need. So here is hoping for a more productive day.


  1. They're beautiful! Is there a purpose to the tags, or are they just for prettiness?

  2. I feel your pain--the queen of the multiple unfinished projects here. Then that overwhelmed feeling creeps in and I end up shelving the lot of them and starting on a new pile. It never ends. Although I have gotten a few UFO's actually quilted lately and am now facing the hardest task for me--actually getting them bound.

  3. Archaic Dome -- Infants love tags and so their attempts to handle them improves their coordination. The tag blankets appeal to the need for sensory experience and usually at least one side is soft and/or textured, sometimes both sides are. The last one I made had some plastic that crackled-- sewn inside two corners for auditory stimulation, but I forgot about that when making these. :P

    Carolina -- Oh, yes! Sometimes the ideas come much faster than the need for completion. I'm still hand quilting one that gets less and less attention. Funny, though, I don't usually mind the binding too much, maybe because I'm so glad to have gotten to that point!

  4. Solutions, heck! I want justification. ROFL

  5. Fran --Oh, I'm a past Master at self-justification!!


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