Monday, November 26, 2007


As soon as the pharmacy opened this morning, I was there to pick up my thyroid medicine, which I'd forgotten to pick up on Wed. and which I'd been doing without, not even realizing it--because I put all my pills and vitamins in a M-F two week container and just swallow them down in the morning without paying much attention. And there has been a lot going on, what with Thanksgiving and all. Things were really a bit out-of-focus.
Hard to believe that I became that exhausted over a 3-4 day period without them, but I did feel better this afternoon. I even managed to get on with some things; although still very tired, knowing what was causing the problem helped. Duh! Of course, I'd already called the doctor and made an appointment for tomorrow, but suspect that failing to take meds was the problem.

Worked on a couple of projects this afternoon. I'm ready to do the back of the latest baby quilt. Looking at these fabrics for the back. Also worked on putting some of my blocks together for the Lazy Gal's Winter Class. The idea of doing the rest of the quote in embroidery is looking dimmer by the minute. I'll be lucky to get the thing pieced together at all. And it needs something else...


  1. I hope you bounce back to feeling better soon. I'm also a thyroid patient and know that feeling you describe. Take care.

  2. at least you know the source of feeling so lousy - hope you can recalibrate gracefully ...

  3. feel better soon...i am not getting much done for the winter class either...

  4. I take thyroid plus a couple of other prescriptions and some vitamins and calcium. I have a way of sorting and lining up my pills every day. I also change the order in which I take them. It forces me to look at what I am taking. One day I realized that I had two of one med and had left out another. I do the pill box thing,too.

    I think it is really important to be cognizant of what you are taking and your ordeal proves it. Glad you are feeling better!

  5. I'm glad it was simply the not-taking of your meds that was the problem! Isn't it amazing the difference those little pills make?

    I love the colors on that baby quilt!

  6. Connie--Thanks! I am bouncing back.

    Acey -- Funny what the mind can do. Once I knew what the problem was, I knew it would get better, and I felt better knowing that.

    jude -- Thanks, jude. Oh, I do need to make some decisions on that winter class project!

    Gerrie -- I will be more careful from now on. I have to take my calcium later in the day because it keeps the levothyroxin from working properly. The fact that I had Mila and Max and so much going on contributed to my failure to pay attention to the meds.

    I'm actually much more careful with Laddie's meds. After filling the containers, I go back and count the number of pills in each compartment looking for any mistakes. He has morning, noon, and night meds, and it can get I always double check.

    Rian -- Love those little pills now! Before I was just taking them for granted.

  7. Oh yeah, if I screw up on my thyroid meds, I really pay a big price.

  8. Rissa -- I really felt like "Dumb and Dumber" on this one. I've certainly learned a lesson.!


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