Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Of Mice and Men

O.K. -- I failed in my attempt to post every day in November. Yesterday, I just took a day off. Although I didn't meet the challenge of posting every day, I did post ALMOST every day, and I'm satisfied with that.

On Monday night, after Fee went to bed, I saw a mouse in the kitchen. In all the years we have lived in this house, we have never had mice inside the house. In the attic, we've had rodent trouble before, but not inside the house. I left a note for Fee. He left early the next morning to go to south Louisiana, but he did respond to the note!I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But if anyone wants a mouse please let me know, my instructions are to give the mice away. Now Fee is out of town, and I'm alone with the mouse/mice. I have not seen the mouse again, but I know he's there lurking.

Yesterday morning I went to the doctor. About the failure to take the thyroid meds, he just looked at me intently and said, "You know that was a mistake, don't you?" Oh, yes, I know. Really, I do. I'm still recovering from that mistake.

He gave me a prescription for some sinus medicine and some Lyrica for my neck pain. Some days I am literally "a pain in the neck." The Lyrica is for nerve pain and has given me more range of motion in my neck and has reduced the pain considerably.

After the doctor, I dropped of the prescriptions at the pharmacy, then went out to see Laddie. He was doing well. This is a great relief. We've had two weeks of a calm, sweet temperament. We looked at a National Geographic book and talked about the pictures. As well as possible. He didn't protest when I left after about an hour, just kept looking at the pictures.

Went by and picked up the prescriptions, then home about 1:00. Took the Lyrica and the sinus med, read for a little while. Then slept from about 1:30-4:30. Both medications can cause drowsiness. Oh, yes, believe it. I generally sleep no more than 6-7 hours a night and sometimes less. Now, I sleep all the time. Bah!

I did piece the back of the quilt and laid it out with the batting last night. Now, I just need to put the top on and pin it.

Amelia called yesterday to tell me about her doctor's appt. The baby has dropped and other indications led the doctor to say the baby may be here in two weeks. That would be wonderful as then they could be home for Christmas instead of in the hospital on Christmas Eve, which is her due date. So the baby quilt is now a priority.

Have you been keeping up with Sew, Mama, Sew? I check in every day. The only thing I've actually made was the lunch bag, but there are links to such great tutorials for such a wide range of things. If you haven't been there, click that link!


  1. Oh my, that note is just priceless!

  2. That note is a real Hoot!

    I remember once asking my (then) husband what was I going to do if one of the boys fell out of a tree while he was away on an out of country business trip. He looked at me & asked, "What do you think I can do when I am in XXX?" It kind of put a different slant on the whole idea of the house & kids being my responsibility. All I was really asking for was a contact phone number but it sure gave me a sense of duty! Some days you just have to deal with it!

  3. Oh, dear...I try not to think about those critters after my experiences this last Spring...Of COURSE it happens to visit just when your DH is on his way out of town...=-/ The note would be hilarious except for my phobia! ha!

    BTW, I enjoyed visiting Sew, Mama, Sew and her other blog, Write, Mama, Write...two more to add to my ever-expanding list of places to spend my morning computer time...Thanks!

  4. now see notes like that would make me just as partial to him as the biscotti in lovely storage canisters.

  5. I have a very strong dislike of mice and having one in the house would make me a wreck until caught. I used to keep a cat as a pet in defense. (An outside cat, no house pets) No cats anymore and hopefully still no mice either. Good luck with catching it.

  6. That note is hilarious! So funny. Congratulations on the good baby news. Hope the little one arrives safely in time for Christmas.

  7. Myra -- It was funny, but did nothing to solve my problem! :)

    Debra -- I know what you mean, but no matter the method used to get rid of mice...I just don't want to deal with the result. I can get a trap and set it, but then someone else really must take over.

    Debby -- Hah! I can count myself lucky thinking about your experience!

    I'm loving the ideas on Sew, Mama, Sew, but now I'll have to check on the other one!

    Acey -- I know. I'm quite partial to him as well. He could have just said what Debra's husband said (which would be absolutely true as he was leaving town), but instead he made me laugh.

    Connie -- I'm not fond of them either, and I don't want them in the house. Their cats in the neighborhood, maybe I'll borrow one.

    Jo -- I think I might frame that one! Thanks, we are all hoping she arrives safely and are prepared for an early Christmas present.

  8. I meant to tell you...I think the note is a scream...clever Fee. :-)

  9. To get a sweet/funny love note like that, I'd put up with a little mouse!

    Just set some traps but be SURE to set them on a few layers of newspaper. Then you just turn your head and pick up the corners of the paper and head for the trash can when the traps have done their thing. You can do it--I just know you have it in you!

  10. What a sweet note.

    We had a mouse once. We called an exterminator. He promised humane treatment and set around "gentle" traps of sticky paper with a dab of peanut butter in the middle. Then he left.

    Within an hour, I heard the mouse--he had gotten stuck in the paper. I called the exterminator but it was Saturday at 5:00, two days before Christmas and he was not answering.

    Trust me, dear friend, the mousetrap with its swift and deadly snap is much more humane than the sticky paper. I'll spare you the details....

    Good luck.

  11. Rissa -- Clever Fee, indeed. I can see him grinning as he walked out the door!

    Jane Ann -- Thanks for a great practical you throw away the trap and all? Yep, that is it, throw away the entire thing wrapped in newspaper so you don't have to see!

    Rian -- Someone suggested the sticky paper, but I've heard horror stories about it. Not something I want to experience. I'm sure the trap is more humane.

  12. Jenclair, I feel your pain about the mouse. Just the mention of the critters takes me back to our first apartment, immaculate restored old house but right over a dirt cellar and close to the river...the neighborhood had the fattest cats I'd ever seen!

    Loved the house I saw at SMS...I might give that a try.

  13. Karoda -- Your memory takes me back to the time we lived in an old house in the country. The attic was filled with bottles and cans to catch the leaks in the tin roof. And there were mice up there. We took our cat up there and let her roam. She had a great time, and we didn't have any personal contact with the mice at all! We did have to pick up a bunch of bottles and cans that were knocked over in the process, but that was a small price to pay.

  14. absolutely the sweetest note! what a witty husband you have!

    too bad I live so far as I'd bring my cat gwen over and we could have a cup of tea while she caught your mouse. she is the queen of mousers!

    although I have an affinity for mice, I do sympathize with friends traumatized by having discovered they share space with my furry little friends.


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