Sunday, November 04, 2007

More Good Thoughts and Great Links

Found the above via Annica, who found it on Judy's blog, who found it on Keri's. An excerpt from the article "Writers & the War Against Nature, " published in the November Shambala Sun.

Kim Y., you probably already read the Shambala Sun, but I wasn't aware of it and see several articles I want to read.

On the Complaint Free Attempts (which I wrote about here): I managed a full day, but was sorely tested by the thoughts that frequently made it to my head, if not to my tongue. I'm learning to monitor. Patti at 37 Days is another participant and has an inspirational blog with a video you might want to watch (Nov. 3rd post) concerning the lack of whine. This is a WoW video, do take the time to watch.

Abby at while she naps makes the most graceful birds. Here are two more. I wish I could afford one; however, it is a great pleasure to admire them. The above links make these wonderful birds anthropomorphic somehow and, I think, medieval. Maybe I have an overactive imagination, but they are truly wonderful.


  1. It made me smile to see the Gary Snyder quote here. He is one of my absolute favorites. Shambala Sun is also my favorite magazine and the only one we buy without fail.

    Did well for two straight days and then earlier today I wound up starting over three times in an hour's time. Am determined not to give up and am certainly becoming a lot more mindful as a result ...

  2. I should not be surprised by now - that you too read Shambala Sun - it's such a good magazine !
    Thus far - no complaint month is working - but I return to work on Wednesday - so I may have to confess a "mea culpa" then !

  3. ah yes the shambala sun is a wonderful magazine - I used to subscribe, but then in the last move didn't follow up. thanks for tweaking my consciousness, I should get back to subscribing to it! and thanks for posting the gary synder quote, he's one wise poet and a wonderful inspiration for us all.

    a periodical that I love and I expect you will to is called simply "the sun" -you probably already get it or know of it as it is plugged into the celebrating writing and photographs... ah the writing and photographs - always thought provoking -- as a 'quote lovers' the regular feature 'sunbeams' always pleases.

    I recently rec'd the november issue and the theme is nature/animals. beyond excellent!

    love the customized onesies!

  4. ACey -- Should have known that you would buy this one. I've done well for another day, but had to catch myself once before I completed a sentence that was a definite complaint!

    Marie -- You, too, huh? Good luck when you return to work!

    kimy -- I do love that quote. I wasn't familiar with the magazine, but intend to subscribe!


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