Tuesday, November 06, 2007

funkey munkey skirt

Yesterday, Amelia asked if I could make a skirt to go with the little onesie top. Voila! How easy is that? In fact, what I really love about all of these baby projects : easy and quick. Oh, and they use so little material.

I'm working on some things that may be the Pay It Forward gifts I will be sending to Caron, Debby, and Myra. Remember that I'll need your snail mail addresses.

Caron is going to make a christening gown from her wedding dress. Won't that be a treasure to hand down from generation to generation? And she's preparing to start a Dear Jane quilt. Debby has been in New York for the summer, then there was trip to Hawaii, back home in time to survive the California wild fires with her car packed and ready to go. Myra is busy making inchies.

Anyone who has missed a chance to participate in the PIF challenge might visit these three ladies and get in the game.


  1. that little skirt is way too cute. Love the trim at the hem.

  2. And they're way cute, too!!!

  3. Oh goody, I'll post the PIF on my blog tonight! That little monkey skirt is soooo cute!

  4. Thanks, Acey. I'm having fun with these.

    Thanks, Rian. I'm having more fun than a barrel... nah, not that much fun!

    Myra -- Good for you and have fun. Thanks for playing!


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