Saturday, November 03, 2007

Another One Down and Great Places to Visit

This one has fabric that has been through the embellisher to "age" it, raw edges around the neck 'cause the scrap had raveled and I liked it that way, some running stitches and blanket stitch. Again from scraps from a quilt. Yesterday was very busy -- Tai Chi in the park, drug store, great visit with Laddie, grocery store, and when I finally got home, more reading than sewing. I did get some cloth diapers for burp cloths while I was out. So many projects (felting, quilting, crafting), so little time.

Isn't it strange that for weeks, months even, one has nothing to say, nothing to blog about, and then suddenly, topic after topic presents itself. Here are a couple of new-to-me blogs and blog ideas that have interested me lately:

Handmade Holidays over at Sew, Mamma, Sew. Lots of great suggestions for handmade gifts.

I loved this snake to block drafts and the tutorial over at Oh Fransson! Great way to use scraps and conserve energy.

Oh, just one more. Fembellish has the wonderful batik flowers that I want to try. Parts I and II.


  1. Boy, you've been busy lately. Thanks for those great links. I think I'm going to make some of those snakes for Christmas gifts.

  2. Fran -- I think I am, too. And at least one for me! Of course, in Colorado it gets much colder than it does here, but I hate drafts.


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