Friday, October 05, 2007

No embellisher...

Wellllll, my embellisher did not come in "around the middle of the week" or at the end of the week, either. I didn't mind at first since I really have not had any time to play with it, but had hoped that it would arrive today so I could play with it some this weekend. No word so far.

Max had a run in with the coffee table at home and nearly scared Erin to death. You know how head wounds bleed, and so does Erin, but that doesn't stop the emotional reaction. Doesn't seem to bother him now, though. He has my little shovel in his right hand. He enjoyed dragging it around, maybe for the interesting noise.Erin and Mila playing a little hand held game.

Four small loaves of zucchini bread, cooling before being wrapped up. The apples are awaiting the end of the zucchini bread when they will become apple crisp!

Butterfly and dragonfly.


  1. love the mother-daughter portrait. Hope by the time you read this you have your embellisher !!

  2. Acey -- No embellisher. :(

  3. Love all the photos...especially the dragonfly!

    Yup, those head injuries are really bloody...I remember being frightened with I find had young children and it happened. Glad he is ok.

  4. What nice photos.

    Sorry to hear the Embellisher is slow to come. I had trouble getting extra needles for mine.

  5. Great photos.

    Every Mom learns the hard way just how much blood comes from a head wound. Both my sons bashed their heads and when the bleeding stopped and they were stitched up the wound was small.

  6. Sue - This year I've noticed such a variety of dragonflys! Some quite ordinary, but many have been beautiful!

    Max has forgotten all about it, but Erin will never forget taking her bloody toddler to the hospital!

    Deb H. - Thanks, Deb. Can't resist posting the grandkid photos. And the embellisher WILL arrive...soon I hope!

    I'm disappointed about the delay in receiving my new toy, but glad it is a minor inconvenience.

    Debbi - I guess every mother has to go through that frightening situation at least once! :)

  7. poor little max, but as you said he's over it & forgotten all about it - too bad it always takes us big people so much longer to move on.

    wonderful pictures!

    hope some cooling breezes are coming your way! are we sure it's not august?

  8. kimy - It is down to the 80's today. Wonderful!

  9. I want some of that zucchini bread!

  10. Nice scar! I guess most Mom's know what the head wound is like. Beautiful pictures--the apple arrangement is art in itself.


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