Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Amelia was certainly "showered"

The shower was lovely, and Amelia received wonderful gifts for the baby. Below: Robin, Katie, Maggie, Teresa, (Erin & Mila are looking at a photo).Mila liked this little outfit a lot.

Cousins - Erin & Katie with Mila

Brook, Amelia, and PaulaPoor K.K. had to keep track of the gifts. Almost all of Amelia's friends are pregnant or have recently had babies.

Cousins - Maggie, Erin, Mila
I wish I'd taken pictures of some of the gifts. Times have certainly changed, and I love seeing all of the baby things that are available now.

After the shower, Erin, Mila, and I went for lunch. Then, after a brief rest, everyone headed down to the country for a cookout.

Sunday brunch at Giuseppi's with the kids, then Erin and her family headed back to Baton Rouge, Amelia and Chris went home to try and organize all the gifts, and Fee & I headed back to the country to join Marty & Robin and dream about our cabin. The slab was down, and we tried to picture where everything would go.

Yesterday, Robin and I left about 10:15 to check out fixtures, faucets, flooring, lighting, etc. at a number of different places. We didn't get home until after 7:00 and my feet were killing me. Fee fixed a cheese soup with crawfish, fresh corn, and other good stuff in it and served it to me as I relaxed in the recliner.

In a few minutes, off to take Laddie to another appointment. Tomorrow, a meeting downtown. Thursday is dedicated to playing with my new embellisher!


  1. Ooh, thanks for inviting us to the shower. I am continually amazed at what a gorgeous family you have--I mean, literally beautiful! Does Mila look a bit like you? I think so.

    Tell us more about this cabin. I missed out on that news somewhere.

  2. what a wonderful party! as jane ann remarked loverly for bringing us along! fun times!!

  3. Every time you mention "the" recliner, I can't help smiling. The shower looks like it was a blast. Lovely to see Mila's delight in the proceedings.

    Love how the cabin aspect is developing as well.

  4. All the smiles show that everyone is having a great time. And I agree with Jane Ann, what a beautiful group!

  5. Jane Ann - All the girls at the shower thought Mila looked like Amelia, but I see both her mother and her father in her. :)

    Oh, the cabin will be down at Raft Bayou, and we are well underway! It will be for the families of the siblings (my brothers and myself), our children, and grandchildren. We can gather there instead of at one of our homes...hopefully, for Thanksgiving!

    kimy -- It was fun, and I love checking in on Amelia's friends in person. Some are like extended family, they have been friends for so long!

    acey -- :) - my poor, ragged recliner. I can never have a really tasteful house because the recliner is crucial to my relaxation.

    Connie -- Thanks! We had a great time.

  6. My that Mila is getting to be a big girl!

    Looks like a great party. I love baby showers!

  7. deb -- Mila is growing so fast that it is hard to keep up with her! She was so shy at the beginning of the shower with all of the strange people, but she soon felt very much at home, and thought she was a "big girl!"


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