Thursday, August 09, 2007

Some Quilting, Some Tai Chi

I've certainly not been a good blogger this summer. The reasons vary, but the result is the same--long absences from this blog.

Before the Dallas tournament, I was working frantically on carrying bags for our weapons. I had fun with the quilting on these, although it was time consuming. On mine I used 3 different variegated threads (King Tut, which I love). I sandwiched some Timtex in the bottom to take the weight of the weapons.

On Thomas' I tried a little thread work with metallic thread (which was not so much fun because of the fraying) and some ad libbed trapunto.

These are the in progress photos, because I didn't get a picture of Thomas' after I finished it.

Last weekend (I posted about this on my reading blog the other day), Thomas and I went to Houston and competed in the Houston International Martial Arts tournament. Thomas came away with one gold and two silver medals, and I received two gold and two silvers. We were both pleased to have improved our scores from Taiji Legacy in Dallas. Some of the competitors were amazing, especially in the children and young adult categories.

I failed to check the setting for my camera, so most of my pictures did not turn out, but Thomas took some after I'd made the corrections that were much better.

Most of my pictures from the Master's Demo (which was terrific) did not come out, but with PhotoShop, I was able to rescue some of the pictures from the Opening Ceremonies.

Here is one of the two dragons as it awaits its cue to go to the floor.
The lions that that took part in the Lion Dance, were especially charming, but most of my photos did not come out. I managed a couple of this young dancer, though.

I wasn't able to get any pictures of Thomas competing in his weapons categories as I was busy in other rings, but here he is in his empty hand routine. I need photography lessons, folks.


  1. Your carring bags look great!

    I have just used King Tut and love it.

    You and Thomas did outstanding!

  2. Thanks, Debbi! I wasn't completely pleased with the placing of the straps, but I do like having a more attractive way to carry my weapons.

    I love the way the King Tut sews and the colors. Wish I could do a better job with metallic threads, but working with them is such a slow process for me.

  3. what a treat! i popped over here just to see if you've posted and got lucky!

    i don't quite understand the competition you're involved in but enjoy getting a picture of the things you enjoy. and the bags are cool.

  4. Karoda - "Empty hands" is like most tai chi you see on television and really means without weapons. There are a number of tai chi weapons: straight sword, saber, staff, and spear. Then there are "other" weapons which include the fan and the cane. I really want to learn the staff, but all of it is good exercise and good fun.

  5. I didn't realize that the use of weapons was part of Tai Chi; I've only seen the "Empty hands" routines in parks in Boulder. I've always wished I could try it. Love the dragon and the colorful pageantry in your photos. Thomas' weapons bag is gorgeous.

  6. Fran - Good for your blood pressure, good for your heart. I found an article yesterday that reviewed a study on tai chi and CHF, I can't locate it right now, but will look for it.

    I had fun with the bags...and they are useful. :)

  7. Congrats on winning the medals. Enjoyed the photos!

  8. wonderful catching up on the latest tai chi competition. so enjoyed the words AND are great. so do I recognize the woman in red?????? september is when I usually make resolutions, I think this year it will be to find a tai chi class and be a grasshopper for a bit.

  9. Rissa -- Thanks! Hope you aren't sweltering too much (hah!) over there in Mississippi. Too hot!

    Connie -- These tournaments are so full of pageantry and enthusiasm, I have to share.

    kimy -- :) Oh, yeah! I really need a new uniform. I have a red microfiber (mmmmm) and a black raw silk. Time for a new color!

    If you find a good teacher, you will find it rewarding in so many ways, and I think fall would be a perfect time to begin!


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