Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tasty Recipe

I want to share a recently discovered, delicious, simple (remember who's talking, I'm incapable of anything too complicated) and quick recipe with you. I fixed it again last night. Last time I made it, Fee went out of town the next day, and I had it for lunch and dinner for days--and loved it each time. The fresh green beans and fresh grated parmigian are too delicious!

You will definitely have leftovers if you make the full recipe, but do try Mini Penne with Chicken, Green Beans, and Walnuts. Again, this recipe makes so much, you either need to have guests to help you eat it, love leftovers, or cut the recipe.

I was using the recipes on the boxes of Barilla's pasta, when suddenly, the boxes became recipeless! Panic! I was enjoying trying various pastas and the new recipes, but never fear, Barilla has a site full of their delicious recipes. The Mini Penne is one of our favorites.

Tai Chi Legacy is coming up next weekend, so I've been practicing more and more. Not as much as I should, but more. Have been meeting Thomas and Nina in the park when I can, and we time the routines and critique each other. Year before last, Thomas and I competed in Orlando, New Orleans, and Dallas at various tournaments (New Orleans just months before Katrina--it was so much fun, and now, such a nostalgic memory). Last year neither of us were able to make any tournaments, and this year, only Tai Chi Legacy. So far. I look forward to seeing people from all over that we only see at tournaments, to watching the Masters' Demo, and to seeing the little ones from Houston's Buddhist Temple.


  1. I realy like to make this sounds yummie yummie

  2. i'm gonna go check out the recipe...but first! omg, yippee, glad to read posts here! oh, and does this mean a cooking blog is in your future?

  3. Oh my, such luscious recipes on that link. I've been having summer cooking blahs so maybe this will help. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Many thanks for that link. I love pasta and am always looking for new recipes.

  5. Emmy - It really is yummy!

    Karoda - Thanks! I'm glad to be back, but no, no cooking blog; a class might be nice, though... :)

    Fran - Fast and easy! And VERY good!

    Rian - Barilla has some delicious recipes! I've had fun going through and finding easy ones for different pasta shapes.

  6. yum!! if I can't get fresh pasta I am very loyal to barilla's pasta products. never checked out their site what a gold mine! looks like a great meal to have this week - maybe tonight! I might substitute pine nuts (slightly roasted)for the walnuts - now that it's fresh basil season I always have lots of pine nuts around for pesto.

  7. Oh, Kim, I've just the recipe for you - go to Recipes by Shape (on Barilla site) and check out Farfalle recipes...for basil try the Farfalle with lemon, chicken, and herbs...I've put my fresh basil to excellent use on this one. It is light and WONDERFUL!

  8. i love using farfalle's my favorite when making summertime pasta salads! I have bookmarked their site. I am planning on having your suggested dish (chicken lemon and herbs) for wed's dinner. yum!

  9. Sounds yummy. I'll have to try it out, but will sub pecans as my DH is allergic to walnuts.

    I didn't realize you competed with Tai Chi. You must be graceful.


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