Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back Home

Just realized that I messed up on the link to the kinetic scultpture. Here it is...watch these wind driven machines; they are so fascinating and so beautiful in such a strange way. Theo Jansen talks about the combining of art and engineering in this clip.

Thomas and I got back from Tai Chi Legacy Sunday night. We were tired, but inspired. I managed to get 2nd place in empty hand, but was lucky to get it. I tied for 3rd in saber, but when they went out to more decimal points, I was the loser. I think I was 4th in straight sword, too. I really had an off day, but even if I'd given my best performances, they wouldn't have been good enough...especially in straight sword where Stella and Vivian were so far above the rest of the field.

Truthfully, I can't see me ever getting to the quality of Stella and Vivian, but I know I can improve-- and watching the best inspires the willingness to put in more practice and intention. They got gold and silver in the Grand Championship category; I'm not sure who got what, but they are both a joy to watch.

Thomas and I were competing for the first time in two years, and we realized that competing for a score is such good practice. Lots more stress involved in performing a routine for competition and practice performing for 5 judges per category helps, too.

However, Ellen, Sam, Craig, and Joe all did excellent jobs in Tai Chi, garnering some golds (not sure how many) in Tai Chi forms and push hands, and this was the first time for all of them. I think Gaby got a third in Kung fu competition, but I never saw her or Michelle again after we warmed up.

Someone from the computer place called today and said my computer had some software that was functioning improperly. Hopefully, they will have it all fixed soon so I can get back to all my programs, links, etc.


  1. All of the Tai Chi terminology is foreign to me, I know NOTHING about it. I think if I got involved in it I would definitely like it. Something to consider.

  2. Tai Chi has always intrigued me, it is so beautiful. Glad you went to the Legacy and won an award. Look forward to seeing photos. Good luck with your computer, it's so frustrating when they don't behave.

  3. sounds like a great tai chi gathering and congrats on your strong performance and placing in some of the categories you were in! the best thing of course was that you were having a good time and in a community of kindred souls!

  4. Connie - Empty Hand just means that it is a regular tai chi routine without weapons. Tai Chi is wonderful for health and fitness. Visit several of the schools in your area and see what you think. Every school takes a different approach as well as concentrating on a particular style.

    Fran - Tai Chi is beautiful and relaxing. No photos; I picked up a new battery for my camera before I left, but failed to bring the cradle for charging it!

    kimy - It was a great gathering, and as you say, a community of kindred souls. Like going to a quilting event and exchanging techniques, information, sources for supplies, etc. Everyone has a lot to contribute! A community of kindred souls is a great way to put it.

  5. Very cool sculpture. :-D

  6. Congratulations on your 2nd place honors!

  7. Congratulations on getting back into your Tai Chi, it does look like a beautiful way to work out.

    I loved the Kinetic sculptures. They looked like aliens cratures walking the beach.

  8. I just discovered you. Thanks.

  9. deb h - Thanks, it is a lovely way to exercise...good for your breathing and your joints.

    I love those sculpture, too. Would love to see one in person!

    Me - Thanks for visiting!


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