Thursday, May 03, 2007

Micellaneous Musings

The rain has been falling here since Tuesday, but it has been a gentle, soaking rain that will help get us get closer to normal rainfall averages. We've been way down for the past year, so this rain is a blessing. Actually, the sun has come out now, although more rain is predicted.

I've been busy thinking about the ways in which I justify my actions (or more often, my lack of action). Having just finished Mistakes Were Made (but not by me): Why We Justify Foolish Decisions, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts, (reviewed on my book blog), my own method of justifying avoidance is much more obvious to me. "I'm too busy, too tired, will do it later..." echoes pretty loudly in my head right now.

So...I finally started quilting, and I'm finding it slow going (because my table isn't the right height, I'm not good at free motion quilting, my shoulder and neck hurt...blah, blah, blah...self-justification!). But at least the excuses are now in that segment of my mind that can recognize them as such and won't let me off the hook!

I'm still reading All Creatures Great and Small and smiling as I read. It is just as funny this time as it was the first time!

Yesterday, I tried to reduce the size of the picture in my header...and now I can't get anything to work because of that green border (I think). I had such a hard time when we went to Beta and then with the change to New Blogger, that I left the pic too large after finally getting it up. When I try to change it now with the "customize" setting it keeps the large rectangle and the bird is pasted just over the text. No better luck with html. Technodunce is at it again.


  1. I read your review of the book and my curiosity is piqued. I'm going to track down a copy and read it sometime sooner than later.

    I really love the mix of geometric prints you used for this project. And you have company on the technodunce bench. I added your blog and another one to my sidebar but I can't for the life of me find (or remember) what needs to be done to create actual links from the additions. I've spent so long trying to figure it out to no avail that I'm really beginning to question my mental faculties ...

  2. You have company in avoidance. And I like the new blog look.

  3. JenClair, where is your photo "residing?" I found with Photobucket, if you resize on their site or delete the picture and upload a different size, but retain the original name of the photo, Photobucket continues to launch the size of the original photo. (I know that sounds dumb and it is--but it's what I've found.) So if you change the size of the photo, you need to change the name too (just add a numeral or whatever). Maybe that's the problem.

  4. ACey - I really enjoyed Mistakes Were Made; hope you do, too. As for technoduncery, that's what happens to me, I question my the wiring in my brain begins smoking.

    Connie - Thanks, I guess the new look (simplicity is good, right?) will be around for awhile.

    Jane Ann - I can get the resized photo up, but there is a problem with that green border and the header space itself. Blahhh!

  5. we have had so much rain here, the ground is squishy.
    procrastination is my middle name for everything but sewing.
    i like the quilting style you are using here, spiral in the square, and the scattered prints are favs of mine.
    my header is all messed up for a while now. i just haven't found a week off to fix it. it takes about that long. it is not just you.

  6. jen, was sorry to see your bird flew the coop, but your blog is very attractive - simple elegance! your photo collages are always a treat for the eye. I love stitching spirals - they are tremendously adaptable add a cosmic touch!

  7. jude - the sun didn't stay out long on Thursday; rained all afternoon, but we still need it.

    I've managed to avoid a lot of things lately!

    kimy - I've always had a fondness for spirals and love seeing the way others use them in their work. A really universal appeal...


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