Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dagwood and Blondie

Marie at zquilter responded in the comment section the other day saying that she had no bunnies, but she had a fox run. I said that I'd love to see some pictures of her foxes, and she emailed me these. With her permission, I'm sharing them with you.

Do visit Marie and see some of her wonderful purses, baskets, quilts...and a bit of her magical island!

This is Blondie.
And Dagwood.
"Three sets of ears."
And...she has an eagle! Actually, two pairs that they feed and that sing to them while waiting for their meals. I think I want to visit Marie on her magical island!
If you haven't visited Quilt Studio lately, drop by and see what these quilters are up to.

I've been tagged for the 7 things meme, but right now, I can't think of anything to say. I'll be back later, dinahmow, with something.


  1. What beautiful photos! Growing up in Alaska, and now living my life in Oregon, I miss my eagles so much. But I am grateful that inspite of being on the edges of a big city, I still have a covey of quail, nesting owls, dozens of trapeze walking squirrels, hawks, many birds and an occasional bunny. Thank you for not only sharing the photos but some lovely links, as well!

  2. Those foxes are aDORable! I saw a red fox for the first time last year, running across my yard in NY...ours are grey least the few I've seen over the years ...not in my yard,though...Coyotes live in the rocks on the hill above my house, poor bunnies...=-(

  3. q. j. - We do appreciate having a bit of the wild in our suburban landscapes, don't we?

  4. Debby - Aren't the foxes great? We have coyotes in the country, but not here. There are probably foxes down at Raft Bayou, but with all of the bush-hogging and tractor activity, they must stay clear of the fields most of the time.


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