Monday, April 30, 2007

More Garden Stuff

Here in the South, our gardens don't come on gradually. It is a rapid fire approach that sends you into a dizzying spiral of chores that last until the heat begins to slow things down again.

Recent treasures:

* The black iris that Thomas gave me are blooming for the first time this year...huge and gorgeous. They are so much darker than the picture indicates.

* A delphinium appeared; I haven't planted them in two years, and this one just shows up near the roses.

* The Scilla are showing their yellow bits.

* Queen Anne's Lace is coming all over the place where it has re-seeded.

* The hydrangea are budding up.

* We have a tomato.


  1. Quenn Anne's lace conjures wonderful memories from my childhood on the farm in upstate NY. You are way ahead of us with that tomatio blossom!!

  2. Black iris is very beautiful!
    We have one tomato flower bud, not quite open yet. In the greenhouse, of course!

  3. i love when those baby tomatoes appear. you have inspired me to get out and plant more flowers. still quite cool here....

  4. Gerrie - It can take over a field, but I love it anyway! And it is always nice when plants inspire memories.

    Forgetmenot - Thomas said the black iris were his mother's pride; well, now they are mine as well as I've fallen in love with them.

    Nellie - Thanks!

    Jude - We have such an early spring and summer here...very long growing season. I'm afraid the squirrels are going to get the tomatoes, though.


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