Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not much going on...

Through a dirty window yesterday morning, I snapped this squirrel at the watering hole.

Yesterday started out well. I had several errands to run, then was planning to meet the Tai Chi group in the park. All went well until I was waiting to get my inspection sticker. The place I used to use no longer does inspections, so I was forced to visit the dreaded "Crazy Old Man." He isn't crazy, he's really quite nice, but his sense of humor isn't always appreciated, thus the local epithet.

Two vehicles in front of me. I wait, quietly. Then he starts yelling, "Stop! Stop!" My car was in park, but I put on my breaks anyway. No, he's yelling at the guy in the truck...who has already stopped. Ha, ha. Then the guy in front of me gets out of his car to stretch his legs. And locks his keys in the car. After about 10 minutes, the COM finishes with the truck, and the guy next in line is still stuck outside with no keys (but he does have his cell phone).

Finally, the COM motions me around the poor keyless guy. As I roll into place, COM yells, "Stop! Stop!" O.K. "Driver's license, proof of insurance, registration papers." I hand him my license and open the glove compartment for the proof of insurance and registration papers. No proof of insurance card; no current one at any rate. I retrieve my license, and COM says, "I'm married." Huh? "I saw you making eyes at me." :) Oh, yeah.

As I drive off, I hear him yelling, "Stop! Stop!" at the car moving into my place, as I headed home to see about the proof of insurance. It was in the afternoon mail. I never got to the park. I still don't have my inspection sticker.

Some garden shots. The weigelia is coming into bloom. The squirrels are active. It rained early this morning, and I'm so greatful. The ground is bone dry, and we need several inches more, but any rain is a blessing at this point. Lately, all of the rain that has threatened has moved around us, leaving us high and dry, so to speak.


  1. your garden is a real haven, i hope you have a comfy seat for sewing somewhere.....

  2. love your garden! I think you are much too self-effacing about your efforts there.

    Some days are irretrieable; hope it doesn't turn into a trend. (and I don't have allergies since there is STILL SNOW on the ground ... arrrgggh...it is just a very horrible cold from hell)

  3. jude - it is my haven, and I sit outside and read more often than I sew. In my pajamas most of the time...

    ACey - Thanks, ACey, I work hard when I work, but haven't worked often enough!

    Shoot, I forget winter isn't over. Pine pollen has dusted everything here; all cars are yellow now. Everyone is hacking, sneezing, and rubbing their eyes. Hope you recover from the cold soon!

  4. Your garden is lovely. I am so enjoying everyone's pictures of spring springing.

  5. After a day like that it is good you have such a lovely garden create some peace in your life. Love that water hole and squirrel. I always enjoy your garden photos. Glad we don't have fire ants, but plenty of others still think our garden should be their prairie.

  6. Jen, Your posts never fail to bring a smile to my face. :)
    I guess you get to go back for the sticker, huh? The 'watering hole' is so pretty. Every little garden needs one. :)

  7. Your garden looks so lovely. The long hours are paying off. Alas, it's going to rain here tomorrow, so I can't do some of my planned work. Wish I could send you some of the rain.

  8. Your garden pictures are a great relief to my eyes. The white world I'm living in is slow to awaken to sping. Even my squirrel seems to be slow (as slightly mentally deficient). He hasn't figured out his feeder yet, & we even propped it open with a peanut for him. He took the nut, & hasn't tried to get into the feeder since. Really dumb!

  9. Rian - Spring has just about left me sprung!

    Fran - The squirrels and the birds love the waterfall. Your cold winters keep the fire ants away, so that's one good thing about all that snow!

    Conni - Thanks! Yes, I've got to go back for the sticker. Should have gone today, but must get it done tomorrow!

    Kay - Could use the rain; the plants need it, but it will also get the pollen down. We are well and truly pollinated now.

    Deb H - We go from a brief spring to a long hot summer very quickly here! Our squirrels have no feeder as I made Fee take it down when it didn't keep them out of the bird feeders! They like a challenge. Your squirrel must have more convenient nuts somewhere--buried in the white stuff?


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