Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Max and Mila

"What is this, Jenny Claire?"
"An Iris."
"What are the letters for Iris?"
"What's this, Jenny Claire?"
"What are the letters for Verbena?"

We didn't get enough pictures this time. Things were just too hectic! But take a look at those boots, which our Mila insisted on wearing even though they rubbed marks on her sockless legs. I wish I'd gotten some pictures of her gardening. Her bangs are growing out and keeping her hair out of her eyes was pretty difficult as she kept pulling out the barrets.

With Max, we mostly made him laugh--too contagious--he'd start and then we'd all be lack that silly laughing game.


  1. How sweet--what fun! I wish my grandchildren didn't live so far away....

  2. Now that's what I am talking about! I want to kiss those chubby cheeks! Mila is a real sweetie!

  3. From one grammie to another, they are delightful and precious! You have every right to be bragging here!!! What cuties they are. :D

  4. What sweethearts. Mila is a beautiful little girl, and I love little boys!

  5. They seem to have such different temperaments, just in the pics. Max seems dreamy and Mila looks like she goes and goes and goes

  6. Thanks for all of the nice comments! I admit to being a proud Grandmother...you know, the kind with the photos ready to whip out and share with unsuspecting victims.

    ACey, you are right. Both are sweet, but Max is so laid back, and Mila so full of energy!

  7. They are so precious! She looks like a character! Glad you had such a good time with them.

  8. The letter game made me chuckle...that is too funny and cute. What a blessed weekend you had! They are adorable!

  9. Fran - She is definitely a character!

    K - Thanks, it was a great visit! Grandkids are great, aren't they?


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