Sunday, March 11, 2007

Little houses

After Laddie and I made our country journey yesterday, I came home and worked a little more on the monkeys. This process is more fun than, well, a barrel of monkeys! I've made some little houses and trees and wonkey stars.

I'm going to continue making little blocks and pieces, learning as I go. Later, the process of choosing which ones to use, which to discard, and how to arrange... Not to worry about that yet.

The process is slow, but enjoyable. As usual, I don't know where I'm going, but the Marston/Moran philosopy encourages my natural tendencies toward randomness, which gives me confidence. If the finished block doesn't appeal, it can be added to or tossed. I'm not fond of this one, but it was the very first one, and helped me understand the process. Since I'm not good at following directions, I have to learn with my hands, trying to be tolerant of mistakes in vision and application.


  1. I really like your wonky houses and star! :D I've been contemplating ordering Liberated Quiltmaking.

  2. It's so much fun being libersted like that! I took the liberated piecing class from Gwen about 10 years ago, & it forever changed the way I approch piecing for my own quilts. She's a lot of fun. I'd like to go to one of her retreats on Beaver Island some day.

    I like the sock monkeys too. I used it for a little doll quilt 2 years ago, & gave it away along with a sock monkey. I was thinking I should get more for the next grandchild's 1st quilt, as my son says he's calling her "his little monkey" due to the profile picture on the sonogram.

  3. Angie - They are fun to make! I love the Marston/Moran book, but think I'll order a copy of Liberated Quiltmaking, too.

    Deb - How exciting to take a class from Gwen!

    :) Sounds like the next grandchild really should have a sock monkey!

  4. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with your creativity! I am awaiting the finished project! :D

  5. Conni - Yes, I'm enjoying the process again. Sometimes, in regard to quilting, it seems to be feast or famine!

  6. I really love what you are doing with the monkey fabric!

  7. Thanks, Samantha! It is really a fun project.


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