Monday, March 05, 2007

Garden Girl and the Crone

Thanks to all of you for the nice comments on Garden Girl. I started out with the idea of using that pink striped for tights, then I wanted to use some bright batik scraps against the black. Had know specific figure or character in mind until the garden started developing, blossom by blossom. Then the figure became something else, with the garden element, she became something kind of magical.

During those months that I couldn't seem to create anything--a long dry spell with only oven mitts and a table topper to show for it, WIP girl was just one more project I didn't want to work on.

Maybe the handquilting on the baby quilt helped get me back in the mood. No doubt, the myths I've been reading (especially The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden, which I raved about here and here on my book blog) were part of the inspiration to continue the magical aspect. Maybe the girl is a descendant of the Green Man, a gentler version. Or a hedge witch, a master of flowers and herbs, perfumes and remedies.

Fran, I know she'd love your wild gardens; she would be right at home in Toad Haven Annex. She just finished a chapter on drought tolerant plants.

For those of you who thought she might be me: Nope. I'm the Garden Crone. Remember me?


  1. I LOVE the garden girl--tried to comment yesterday but blogger wasn't cooperating.

    There's no way you're the crone.

  2. Oh I remember the garden crone! Your display of her was one of the first posts I visited when I joined the AQ ring!

  3. I like her expression. She's looking at Something, for sure. And her quilted gown is delightful.

  4. Garden Girl is gorgeous. It's so nice to see her finished in all her glory.

  5. I can almost hear her reciting: I think that I will never see a poem as lovely as a tree.

  6. Kay - Thanks! Blogger seems to be acting up again...I've had trouble, too.

    ACey -:) And I'm so glad you did join the AQ ring!

    Conni - Thanks. She was inspired by a local folk artist's cypress knee sculptures. I'd really love to have one of her Lake People for my garden!

    Laurie - Thanks, Laurie, both the crone and the Garden Girl are celebrating Spring. You would enjoy the Lake People made from cypress knees (LARGE ones) since you have roots in the area!

    Oh, Annie, that's funny!

  7. Yay, the long dry spell is over! In spades! You go, girl...

  8. Rian - I have my fingers crossed!


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