Sunday, March 05, 2006

(Folk) A.R.T. IS...

I did get back by the Folk Art exhibit and after asking permission, really just to let them know what I was doing, I took photographs of the display windows. The bottle tree is actually made of plastic bottles painted blue, but they look good and are safer than using glass bottles on a city street.

Jerry Wray's Lake People captured my attention with their cheerful, colorful "clothing."

I really enjoyed the whimsical positions these Lake People have assumed. Cypress knees, branches, Spanish moss, and turtle shells become so expressive in Wray's hands. The pictures don't do them justice, but I'd love to have one in my garden as a guardian, hedge witch, supervisor... or any role she might feel is needed.

I think Artspace did a great job with their displays. In fact, Artspace is one of the best things that has happened to the Shreveport Art Community in years. They provide so much for artist and audience alike.

They have classes for children in the basement, and when my niece Megan and I went in late December or early January, we watched the kids at work on various projects.


  1. Those are great shots of folk art!
    Some of those doll people looked either Caribbean or African to me.
    folk art and art glass

  2. Rael -- Yes, I agree there seems to be a Caribean or African influence on the dolls. I love the elongated shape dictated by the Cypress "knees."


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