Monday, March 26, 2007

Garden and stuff

Long hours in the garden this weekend. Long. Doesn't look great, but it is coming along.

You can see the size of this "snowball" if you look at my arm in the bottom left corner. Here is one that is only beginning its transformation from green to white.

I started yesterday before it was completely light and worked around 12 hours on mundane chores that are necessary, but dull; should have done much of it in the fall, but...I didn't.

Here are some of my garden enemies. I'm beginning all out war - again. Fireants, such hateful creatures.

On other subjects:

Move your cursor around and create - the fun is in watching.

Ai Kijima uses commercial and recycled fabric, fusing and quilting.


  1. Your flowers are much farther along than here. Our daffodils are in bloom now. Like you, I spent part of yesterday late afternoon doing the clean-up of last summer's dead brown stuff on the daylilies and herbs that are coming back. Raked and raked leaves from underneath the azalea bushes and in the plants. All that stooping and physical part of gardening just wears me out. That, plus not liking to feel dirty, sweaty, and hot is not something I enjoy, thus, a gardener I am not. But I sure do love looking at the results.
    I went to the link for the art thing which is neat. How do you find all these?
    Have a great day.

  2. You will be rewarded for all your hard work in the garden. Enjoy.

    The drawing thing reminded me of worms and Snakes on a Plane, ewwww creepy.

  3. Conni - The dirty part doesn't bother me - as long as I have most of the day and don't have to clean up. When I have to go somewhere, I resist the urge to get out there. Nothing is more frustrating than having something come up in the middle of a garden day...shower, get dirty again, and then shower again.

    Rian - :) Most of what I do is almost guaranteed to cause more work later!

  4. OOHHH! hate those fireants!!

    We lived in Houston for 11 years and they were everywhere. They sting a pretty sharp sting.

    Thanks for the Ai Kijima link. How awesome are those quilts! I like contrasting something hard or tough with the softness of a quilt or other items on the quilt.

  5. julieb - Fire ants are a scourge on the landscape.

    I really liked some of Ai Kijima's work!


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