Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fusing and "stuff"

A while back, I played with some of my scraps, fusing them into a new "fabric." It was fun taking all of the little pieces, cutting some and using others as they were and just fusing them randomly or deliberately.

Have no idea what I'm going to do with them yet, but they can be cut and fused again if I want.

Working in travertine marble, Girolama Ciulla creates these lovely, mythic sculptures.

We are in for some bad weather. Have been through the first wave, but this is supposed to go on all day.


  1. love the way you "do" brights against the strong juxaposition of black and white! Love the piece with the spiral inclusions, especially. Your remark on weather goaded me to watch the weather channel. We're supposed to have a horrendous 'tomorrow'. Nice to know. LOL. So as to plan for such things, at least as the backdrop...

  2. I like this new style. Go for it!

  3. ACey - Thanks! We have been so fortunate--after that first wave, the weather has been great. I was greatful because Laddie had an appt., and I was so dreading having him out in bad weather. As it turned out, the sun was shining by 1:45, and all went well. Then my wonderful brother took him to the country to ride around. Good day after all. Hope your weather tomorrow is not as bad as predicted!

    Rian - :) It was fun just standing there and pulling scraps (many of them already had the WU on them)and making a new and larger "fabric." I have more scraps and can add to these pieces or cut and re-fuse.

  4. oh my Jen, I've never seen fused fabric before. How pretty this is and how unique each piece is. They are little one of a kind pieces of art.

  5. Annie - There is a use for scraps of any size! At least, if they already have WU on them.


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