Thursday, February 15, 2007

The hurrier I go...

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

Just to demonstrate how behind the times I am: I finished my Christmas table topper in January and am just now posting it. Not much else has gone on since then, although I've started several projects that don't seem to hold my interest. Not sure what has been the problem lately, but while starting something has been easy, liking it enough to work on it, has not.

So since I have no other pictures, I'm posting the belated Christmas table topper to fill in.

I know I'm going to be needing some baby quilts soon as both daughters have pregnant friends, and I do have one baby quilt in progress, but it doesn't really grab me. It may be OK, by the time it is quilted, but just hasn't caught my interest. One of those projects one starts just to try to find a way back into a the habit of working.

I've been reading a lot. Books are so easily transportable and can go with me when I leave and be on hand when needed. I could do this with sewing, too, if I could manage something that really appealed to me.


  1. I love both of these Jen...and who cares whether it's Christmas?? =-)
    I haven't been producing anything either...just knitting away on samples from class, nothing usable...I feel the need to weed out possessions and supplies,too...maybe it's the time of year...I dont know...Basket class starts next week so maybe then I'll get motivated...

  2. Jen, I thought my eyes where playing tricks...I couldn't figure out why you called this a Christmas topper...I had to look three times before I saw the green christmas trees...the focus is in the lines that the red and white fabric makes.

  3. Well, my house is red and green anyway, so it's Christmas year 'round. I LOVE the topper and the little Valentine house as well.

    I think I have a slight case of winter blahs, and maybe you do too. You also have a lot on your mind these days. By all means don't fret about not quilting. It's supposed to be for fun. And if it ain't... then just give it a rest until it's fun again.

  4. Debby - I guess we all go through periods of drought, but I do like the feeling of "doing" something. And you did that great interpretation of Klee! Oh good, we'll get to see more baskets, too.

    K - :O I noticed that right away, but that didn't stop me!

    Jane Ann - Thanks! If I'd left off the trees, the red and white would have been great for Valentine's Day.

    Well, it must be time to chase the winter blahs on outta here.... Maybe I need to raise a glass of that ole Tennesse whiskey to the coming of Spring!

  5. love the valentine collage!
    too bad i didn't know about the need for a baby quilts, just gave one away to charity, would have gladly passed it to you, i make them all the time because they are smaller and i like to have them on hand when the giving urge hits me.....every baby deserves a quilt!

  6. Thanks, Jude, one of several valentines that I didn't complete. I love making baby quilts, too; this one is now sandwiched and ready for basting, but I ended up liking the back much better than the pedestrian front.

  7. I love the colors in this. Red and lime green - two of my faves!

  8. Gerrie - Oooo, isn't lime green luschious! That color just tempts me.


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