Sunday, January 21, 2007

Egrets and cardinals

Only an egret today. Fee tells me that the bluish grey one I was calling a crane is probably a heron, but that one wasn't around today. I did manage to get some pictures, though.

Egrets are endangered and the Audubon Society and National Wildlife are working to provide successful habitats.

And this cheerful bit of red in a somber looking wood. I couldn't really get close enough to either to get good pictures.

How about this tree texture?

Once again, the rain held off until around 6:30 when I was on my way home.

Laddie had on his mud boots, but I managed to make a mess of my shoes because I couldn't resist checking out several areas that looked firmer than they were.

I finished Maximum City, really an excellent look at Bombay. I'm often amazed at how littleI know about other countries. Suketu Mehta makes this work read almost like fiction. Reviewed here on my book blog.


  1. The picture of the cardinal is gorgeous. It would make a great quilt...

  2. I don't know...the bar is set pretty high. Look at Jeri's cardinal. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. Wandering off and mucking up your shoes is part of the appeal, isn't it? Winter has finally found us and so it is a vicarious thrill to see moving water and the egret.

  5. I love the cardinal picture. Have you read To See Every Bird On Earth by Dan Koeppel? It's very good.

  6. Wonderful photos! The big blue grey bird is probably a Great Blue Heron, we have lots of those and love watching them. The fly so gracefully. I envy you the Cardinals, they really brighten up the dull winter scenes. They are very rare here. When one occurs all the birders in Colorado rush to try to see it.


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