Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Massage, Margarita, Movie

Today was a full day. I managed to get to the library (crucial) and pick up a bunch of new books, then to the mall to pick up some long sleeve tees. The mall was empty. Well, almost empty. Amazingly empty for this time of year. Found 3 tees and a Liz Clairborne cardigan on sale, so I was pretty pleased with myself. Heading back to the opposite end of the mall, I passed 2 Chinese women who were giving massages.

I slowed down. There were 4 chairs, the sort you kind of kneel on, and one woman receiving a massage. Before I could absorb it all, one tiny lady had taken my arm and was leading me to a chair. I tried asking questions, but she didn't really speak English. Enter the other lady, who did speak some English, and watch me shed shopping bag, purse, and jacket, and climb right on the chair IN-THE-MIDDLE-OF-THE-MALL.

I have had neck problems for many years now - the result of a dear friend who didn't realize the light was red and plowed right into me and a complete stranger who did the same thing several years later. The massage was worth it, and right now, it still feels better.

Tonight, Fee and I went for some TexMex and some beer (for him) and a Margarita (for me). When we got home, I decided the lift from the Margarita might make it possible to watch Grey Gardens. It has been hanging around here for 3 weeks because I was afraid the subject matter might be too depressing or disturbing, even though I wanted to see it. Although there were many uncomfortable moments, the documentary was fascinating. The movie was 1 1/2 hours and the commentary, interviews, etc. another hour or so, and while I'm still very curious and reached no conclusions, David and Albert Maysles provided some powerful footage in this documentary. Definitely not an action movie.


  1. It sounds like a wonderfully fulfilling day! I've been avoiding that documentary for the reasons you mentioned but now I think I'll watch it based on your endorsement.

  2. Yes, "fascinating" is a good word for Grey Gardens. I still think about the film - the hold on one's sanity seems so fragile and life, even in the most extreme settings is so precious.

    But, on a lighter note... I am never going to allow a documentary of my life. I couldn't deal with seeing how boring and quirky I've become over the years, I'll let my spouse be the lone witness to that!

  3. I need those Chinese ladies--sometimes I actually think I must have folded my head under my armpit to sleep somehow like a goose. I wake up with the stiffest neck and feel grumpy and sore all day! Can't watch depressing movies or documentaries--give me comedy or drama anyday!

  4. ACey - The very beginning was the hardest part to watch. As I watched the first 5-10 minutes, I realized that my mouth was open. Aghast. Then it became easier, but I still felt like a voyeur.

    Kim - This film is definitely one that hangs on. Curiosity is a large part of it for me. When did they move from social eccentrics would you describe it?

    Joraine - My neck still feels better! Obviously, regular massages would be beneficial.

  5. Sounds like my kind o day. I was thinking yesterday how good a neck massage would feel.

  6. Rian - You could probably go for an all over, hour long massage with what you've been going through with packing and moving stress!


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