Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas List (updated)

OK - finally got this picture loaded, but don't have time for any more right now.

I'm making my Christmas list from Jane Ann's Favorite Things posts. Today's entry was on a tool called Piping Magic and Bernina's #31 piping foot. The piping foot was already on my "wish list," and I looked at it last time I was in my local quilt shop.

While visiting Wisecraft this morning, I discovered a wonderful Christmas gift for Miss Mila. Wisecraft has Young Mother Sewing by Mary Cassatt posted; her daughter was given Cassatt: a Retrospective when she was born. Today, instead of looking just at children's books, I will look for some good art books (especially those on the discount table). Cassatt, for sure, but what others may be appealing to young children.

I had some pictures to post, but Blogger won't let me. Will try again later.


  1. A couple of years ago, my older son's school had a woman come to give a talk about Mary Cassatt. She dressed the part and it was all very interesting. I wish I remember what the book she wrote was called. It was written for 4th-5th graders. Very interesting though. I would also think children would like Matisse, Picasso, Pollack, Seurat, to name a few.

  2. Jen - great call for Mila! My favorite childhood relics are all art books of one kind or another and my son now feels the same. Kids LOVE art. Have you considered Rousseau? Often available at sale tables and super engrossing for luminous imaginations ....

  3. Van Gogh first came to my mind, but Rousseau and Matisse are wonderful suggestions too. Great idea--you don't mind a copycat, do you?

  4. Jules - People who do things like that have no idea how much influence they wield! When our children were very small, we took them to see The Belle of Amherst that a woman in Jefferson, TX put on in her own home. Up close and personal drama - and an excellent way to introduce poetry. The woman who used drama to introduce her book on Cassatt to young readers probably ensured that those children would ALWAYS recognize Cassatt and her style.

    ACey - Rousseau would be another excellent choice! Are you beginning to see the problem? This may turn into a long term effort!

    Jane Ann - I think the more people who steal this idea the better! Thanks again to Blair at Wisecraft - from whom I copied the idea.


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