Friday, December 01, 2006

Birthday Girl

Today is Amelia's birthday! We will be going out to eat tonight at Olive Street Bistro. Mmmmm. She is still excited about her walk on roll in the new Luke Wilson and Jessica Simpson movie. On Wednesday, they were filming next door to the Beck Building, and Amelia walked over and stood next to the extras. All of a sudden, someone took her arm and moved her into the scene with Jessica Simpson. She ended up in 3 scenes, before going back to work!

I'm still busy running organizing the sewing room. And finding all kinds of goodies I'd forgotten about- trims and beads, seam rippers and needle threaders, books and patterns. And discovering that I won't have to buy batting or muslin again for a long, long time. decorating so far. Things have been hectic around here for a variety of reasons and then I decided to organize the sewing room which means total upheaval and chaos until I finish.


  1. Ohhhh...a brush with stardom. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to Amelia!

    I love your quilt BTW, and I have no idea why you weren't satisfied with your hand quilting. It looks great to me. I LIKE that you can see the stitches in a way that adds to the design, and that they aren't teeny tiny. I could absolutley live with this beautiful art quilt. Jen

  3. Rissa - she thinks Luke and Jessica are going to give her a surprise birthday party. Well, that is what she emailed her friends anyway...

    Jen - Thirty years ago, today! I remember it well... Thanks for the birthday wishes for my baby girl.

  4. Wow, my baby will be 30 in a few months. That'll mean all 3 of my kids are into the 30s. It makes me feel a little old myself. They do grow up too fast, don't they?

    I hope her scene doesn't end up on the editors floor. It would be fun to see your own child in a movie!

  5. How fun, I wouldn't normally be interested in a Jessica Simpson movie but I would love to see Amelia on the screen.


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