Sunday, November 19, 2006

Week End Doings

I mailed all but one set of "Arty Meme" stuff yesterday. Now need to straighten up again and finish a few other projects.

Long phone visit with Erin yesterday catching up on the week's events and the progress of Max and Mila. I do hope to be able to get to Baton Rouge to see them soon. Mila received the "adoption" papers and photograph of Bert the Bat I had the Bat Sanctuary send to her. So technically, Bert is her bat, although I will continue to be interested in his little bat life.

Yesterday, I took Laddie to the Highland Jazz Festival, a small festival at Columbia Park with several bands, food, beer, and some booths. The day was perfect for it and there was a nice crowd of mostly Highland Area residents settled in to enjoy the music. Quilts, blankets, and lawn chairs covered much of the area and the crowd was such a good variety - young children playing on the park equipment, small groups of teenagers, year old couples and singles (often with dogs), people my age, and people Laddie's age. All looked relaxed and seemed to be enjoying themselves in a laid-back manner. I remembered to take my camera, BUT forgot that the CompactFlash card was in the computer, so little good it did.

It wasn't one of Laddie's best days, however, so we didn't stay as long as I might have liked. We drove down to the country afterward, and Laddie eventually felt better and regaled me with stories of land ownership as we trolled the same old roads.

When I got home last night, I watched Monsoon Wedding and transferred skeins of embroidery floss purchased at JoAnn's to little plastic floss organizers. Indian movies have captured my interest since watching Bride and Prejudice and Bend It Like Beckham, and I've discovered that the Indian music on the soundtracks really appeals to me.

Long list of activities that are supposed to be accomplished today including: looking at car lots for a new car (just trying to decide what I might want), going to look at some wooded property Fee is interested in, and moving our old couch and chairs to Amelia's so I can get my garage back after months of unbearably crowded and chaotic conditions. Fee, however, was out of town yesterday and has not gotten home yet, and how we will get everything done if he doesn't get home soon is beyond me.


  1. I liked Monsoon Wedding. Interesting the differences between the two weddings - one very low key, and the other a very big affair. I haven't seen it, but also liked Bend It Like Beckham. None of these movies are typical Indian movies though. The typical ones are musicals, with elaborate costumes and dancing. I would give you some titles I really like, but my siblings are borrowing all of my DVDs. I liked Pardes, about a small town girl visiting America, Kal Ho Na Ho, another love story.

  2. Monsoon Wedding is a favorite of mine. Love all the traditional sari fabrics! Also the henna tatoos.

    Hope Fee showed up promptly and things got done. Or you didn't stress if that's not how it played.

  3. Shelina - I've added Kal Ho Na Ho to my Netflix que. Thanks!

    ACey - The fabrics and the colors! Marvelous!

    Nothing got done. Fee called shortly after I posted. He was sick. He finally got home with all of his over-the-counter medications around 6:00. I made some baked potato soup, he ate, he crashed again. :(

  4. I loved Monsoon Wedding!

  5. Rian - Didn't you want to get up and dance with them? I especially loved the little side love story with Dupuy and Alice and the marigolds.

  6. Oooo Jen, I got my Art Meme from you today!! I LOVED them both!

    Broccoli was particullary interested in the wrist pin cushion. He acted like he was in love with it. He slammed his little pink nose against it, & purred & drooled!

  7. Deb H - I'm so glad you like them! Broccoli recognizes a good cat toy when he sees one... I may make some with catnip!


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