Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Thursday

Slaving away over a hot stove.

Table awaits.

Oh, here is the REAL cook, who told me to quit messin' with his stuff! His turkey breast was unbelievably moist and tender and the risotto with vegetables was delicious. Everything was good, and some of us ate too much and still found room for peach cobbler and ice cream. That would be Laddie and myself who had seconds on the cobbler and ice cream.

Little Chris, Laddie, and Amelia. A small, quiet Thanksgiving, but there was plenty of good company, good food, and wine.
Then there was a little obligatory football, while the girls flipped through the Pottery Barn catalog looking for inspiration, and I took a brisk walk around the block.
After it was all over, Fee and I grazed on the left overs, and I read. Another Thanksgiving, another turkey, but little fanfare. A lowkey, relaxing day.


  1. Yay! I got the pincushion (PERFECT timing on it, too, and the postcard...yummy colos) Wednesday and they are both great. The postcard is already on display, and the pincushion is in use. I had to take it away from the cat twice, but then he bit down on it and got a poke in the mouth from a pin so I think we won't be sharing it any more.
    And totally off the subject, but do you plait your own hair? I've never gotten the hang of a good French braid and mine is so long it always gets lopsided before I get the end of it since I have to bring it over my shoulder to finish plaiting it to the bottom.

  2. Now, see, since I never leave my hair ornaments anywhere near the cat she doesn't have a prayer of attaching to the pincushion. But so many cats showing interest almost makes me curious enough to show it to her just to see how she responds. Almost. Though I think the idea of felted catnip balls in general is quite brilliant.

    It was really low-key here, too. I loved it.

  3. Delta - I'm so glad you like them. I actually made some felted balls around those plastic cat toys with bells in them...about a year ago.

    My fingers do the French braid without my mind interfering at all, but yes, the longer it gets, the more lopsided, because of having to pull it over the shoulder to finish.

    ACey - Back when we had cats, I used to make toys with catnip to watch the crazy behavior. I've got another project to think about with this one...either the needle felted balls or back to the plastic ones with the bells.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  5. I used to be able to French braid my hair while driving down the road in my stick shift pick-up, sometimes while drinking a TaB! LOL Sorry...I meant to comment on the post and ended up commenting on the comments. Well, no one has ever accused me of being normal!

    Looks like y'all had a good get-together.

  6. Rian - Thanks! I'm still marveling over the number of wine glasses you have...

    Rissa - I'm not that good! :)

  7. Sounds lovely, Jen. Your hair is beautiful...I'm trying to stand growing mine out from a short haircut...son't know if I'll make it though...I love the pictures of your family, such sweet expressions...

  8. Debby - My hair was as short as a boys when I quit cutting it in Jan. 2002. It is so easy: wash and braid!

  9. I'm glad you had such a pleasant thanksgiving. It's fun to have a man in the house who likes to cook, isn't it? I absolutely love the color of your dining room walls - it looks very close to the color of my family room. Most especially I'm jealous of all the windows. Lovely.

  10. =-) I'll keep telling myseklf that: wash and braid, wash and braid...maybe that will help me stand it for that long...right now it's driving me nuts...

  11. Gee, I keep having fat finger typos...=-(

  12. Booklogged - It is wonderful having a man who enjoys cooking, although it is a rare event.

    I love the color of my walls, too. The color changes with the light, but I love all the shades at different times of the day.

    Debby - :) I've had fat fingers a lot lately!

  13. You continue to astound me with your handsome family! Besides Erin and Amelia, is "Little Chris" another daughter?

    I know Laddie is of Scottish descent and he reminds me of the handsome, pink-cheeked, tall, blue-eyed young men I noticed all over Edinburgh. (Glasgow men are Pictish--small and dark). Made me realize why I've always been attracted to tall men--the South is populated with lots of Scotch-Irish descendants!

  14. Little Chris is a friend of Amelia's and lives too far away to make going home feasible for Thanksgiving. She's been coming to us for years. Sort of an adopted daughter :) (Big Chris is Amelia's husband who had gone to visit his family.)

    Yes, the McDowell's are of Scottish-Irish descent and part of that huge migration that moved from state to state across the South.


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