Monday, November 06, 2006

The rain has gone...

After Laddie's appointment we went for brunch, then drove to the Norton Art Gallery because we thought they had been doing some new landscaping. Not true, but it's always a pretty spot. It was still raining, but lightly when I got home around 12:30.

Picked Mac up about 4:30 and talked to Dr. Core, who gets as nervous as I do about Mac since the bouts with pancreatitis. Poor Mac has not been energetic, but has not thrown up again. So...we are praying that all will continue to go well with his sensitive stomach, and that he won't have to go back to the vet tomorrow.

Do have to take Laddie back for some lab work tomorrow, but Dr. Liu said it was just time for the tests. Dr. Liu is too cute...I fall in love with his smile each time. Laddie is feeling fine, which is good.

I really didn't get much else done today. No reading, no sewing, just a little clean up, laundry, and lazing around waiting to go pick up Mac.


  1. Beautiful water drop photo =-) I'm going to try logging in differently, maybe you can link to my blog this way...

  2. Ok, I have been signing in with my old blogger name instead of the new beta name...sigh...I just can't quite grasp it all at the same time and often stumble along with whatever works...however stuck togther with tape and staples it may be...So I will try to remember to log in the "new" way so people can get to my blog...Thanks, Jen for the heads up!

  3. You are talking to someone who doesn't know what happened to "Recent Posts" after customizing the blog. Switching to Beta didn't cause many problems, but then I customized and only THOUGHT I'd saved my template. I've been able to recover 2 buttons with Debra's help. But still don't have what I want back.


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