Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From Cardiologist to Cobbler

I was up this morning by 5:15 so I could pick up Laddie and get him to the cardiologist by 7:00. We weren't finished until nearly 10:00, and by that time, I was practically a popsicle. In addition to the misery of death by frost, the chairs cut off the circulation in my legs. And I was hungry. Whine, whine, whine. As soon as Laddie was done, we were out of there like a flash and on our way to BREAKFAST at Strawn's. Coffee, eggs, bacon, toast, grits...mmmm. I kept my hands gripped around that coffee cup, absorbing warmth.

When I was turning in to drop Laddie off (full of his favorite meal), Fee called and said to meet him at Sam's. When he finally arrived, we did the usual tour, and I managed to put quite a few things in the basket. This took a good bit of time, so it was after 12:00 when I got back across the river and home.

My master plan included making apple bread this afternoon, but that was before raspberries came into the picture. Now, I'm planning on a cobbler.

Remember, I've got goals and cooking is on that list.

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