Wednesday, June 14, 2006

hand quilting...

After getting home from Tai Chi last night, I quilted some more. This hand quilting thing is very relaxing, and I'm so glad for the comments that encouraged skipping the frame. I draw a line or two and quilt; this is definitely a learning experience. After quilting for a few minutes, my fingers manage better and stitches improve a bit, but a great deal of practice is yet needed for any kind of decent work. Still, the process is fun, the experimenting with drawing a few lines, then quilting them puts a completable goal in front of me. The process is slow, the bulk (even of this relatively small piece) is awkward, the area around seams a bit more difficult, the tips of my fingers are perforated. But one line at a time, learning is taking place.

This piece can serve as a kind of sampler for me as I play with different designs. I do need to consider (in advance, for once) what to do about the large bottom area, but right now, doing something different in the squares and rectangles is fun.

Still enjoying The Historian and put some comments on the book blog.


  1. Looks good! I used to hand quilt and know that it is relaxing. My wrists can't tolerate it any more.

  2. I started out hand quilting way back when but then when I wanted to produce art quilts I re-emerged with the machine...HQ is much more relaxing and prayerful.

  3. Deb, it is a relaxing activity and reminds me of what I read about knitting...lowers the blood pressure.

    Orange Blossome Goddess, thanks for the kind words!

    Karoda, I love that you say the process is "prayerful." Like other hand work, quilting creates a kind of stillness that allows for reflection.

    I still love machine quilting, though, and it so much faster!

  4. I just started hand quilting a large piece - I too find it meditative. Whenever I hq a piece that's strongly geometric I like to use curves like the ones you've done in the upper right.
    I see a series of vertical waving lines coming from the light blue bottom and stopping at the red squares but passing through the yellow ones

  5. I have been quilting for 27 years and I love to hand quilt all my quilts. My fingers are feeling it now though. It seems to be the only thing that helps clear the uglies from my mind.By the way I have another blog besides this one.I have all my plant photos there.


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