Sunday, May 21, 2006


Another day lily photograph, but the color is deeper, darker, blacker than it appears in the photo. I love the contrast of the maroon and yellow.

Yesterday was nephew Cody's graduation, and Laddie and I were there with bells on. Laddie was really tired yesterday, but we enjoyed the ceremony. We were too far away to get any good pictures, but sister-in-law Robin had her camera and is a better photographer by far. She has an unerring eye; can't wait to see her pics. After lunch, I dropped Laddie off, got home about 2:00, and was too tired myself to make it to the MultiCultural Event under the Texas Street Bridge. Hated to miss, and my brother (bless his everlovin' heart) was doing the afternoon stint with Laddie so I could attend, but I just couldn't muster the energy to change and go. Mostly regret not being able to take pictures...

Oranges by Gary Soto is another favorite poem that I was reminded of by Oranges in Winter posted by AscenderRisesAbove .

Today was an unusually good day. Laddie was feeling well, and we went to visit a friend of his in the hospital, got a Dairy Queen Blizzard (mmmm), rode up to Cypress Lake. A very good day.

I've make a single list from the several lists of book titles and authors. Running the gamut from children's to young adult to adult literature, some of these the library didn't have the first time I checked, but they may have them now (or could get them on inter-library loan):

Barker, Rafaella. Hens Dancing and Summertime.
Boissard, Janine.
Carrington, Leonora. The Hearing Trumpet.
Chapman, Paul. Leonardo's Notebooks.
Gibson, William. Pattern Recognition.
Iyer, Pico. Abandon: A Romance.
Kingsolver, Barbara. Small Wonders.
Marson, Bonnie. Sleeping with Schubert.
Marston, Gwen. Liberated Quiltmaking.
Mitcham, Judson. Sabbath Creek.
Orland, Ted. Art and Fear.
Rickman, Phil.
Swann. E. L. Night Gardening.
Williams, Sheila. Dancing on the Edge of the Roof.

How did I compile this list? From NPR, the newspaper, book blogs, Rayna, and Karoda. After gathering up several of my lists, I sorted out the ones that I still haven't read and composed one new and hopeful list.


  1. I have a copy of Liberated Quiltmaking by Gwen Marston. I took the class from her just before she published the book. It really was liberating! A lot of fun! I'm reading Art & Fear right now. I find it doesn't apply to me a whole lot, because I don't usually suffer from the "Fear" part. You certainly read a LOT! I can't get that much read, because when I sit down long enough to read, I fall asleep, so I only read at bedtime, some nights I only get a page read. It takes a long time to finish a book that way.
    Your lily is beautiful.

  2. An excellent photograph; you are multi-talented. I like the one below too of the three blue flowers in a row. Very nice. oh and the birds chriping - I can hear them from here. of course I love the little girl dancing... but I said that before.
    Thanks for the mention :-)

  3. Wonderful colours in that daylily photo, Jen.

  4. Jen, I have a garden full of daylilies but only the red ones are blooming yet. However, I have nothing as splendid as this deep purple one -- does it have a name? I WANT one. I love your photos and your literate posts. They remind me that I have a brain.

  5. Jen ... Ok how did you get the quilt picture on the header of your blog ... I wanted to do that on mine .. once I find one that I did and like but it looks smashing.

    inquiring minds want to know.


  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hadn't realised you were on AQL! Love the flower photos and the colour in the lily is wonderful.
    BTW, the name Malcolm Gladwell rang a bell- I read Blink recently. It's interesting but over long (ironically!) The Tipping Point sounds like something I should read. I was thinking along those lines about terrorism and terrorist behaviour/methods.


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