Monday, April 24, 2006

Won't you come into my parlor...

said the spider to the fly.

These are tiny spider webs in the grass. The largest is about 3" in diameter. Aren't they pretty covered in dew? There were 5 or 6 of these tiny webs scattered through the grass.

Dew on salvia.

Papyrus bloom (upper left) and pond photos. The robins and other birds like to bathe where the water spills on to the rock -- with lots of splashing.

Yesterday, I went and picked up Aunt Mary and brought her over to spend the night with Laddie. This morning Marty and Robin, Laddie, Mary, and I went to church in Ringgold, then to lunch, then to the annual Providence Cemetery service and meeting at 2:00.

The Providence Cemetery, a little country cemetery between Ringgold and Jamestown, was established in the early 1800's; the church was built in 1850. The service at Providence was delightful, and we all enjoyed it. The music was a violin and a guitar -- peaceful and uplifting. Mary and Laddie especially enjoyed visiting with old friends at both the Methodist service and the Providence service.


  1. Those first couple of pics made me nervous because I was afraid I was about to be faced with a big hairy spider (which would be a Bad Thing) but whew!...pretty dew-covered webs. That I can deal with.

    LOVE the water-photo collage.

  2. "The music was a violin and a guitar -- peaceful and uplifting"
    ...just like your lovely photos...I used to collect dewdrop photos back in my 20s...I still have several, yours are so beautiful!...Thank you!!

  3. You've given me a glimpse of myself in elderly years...I love visiting cemetaries and reading the stones...but, imagine, I can never get anyone to go with me ;)

    ummm, i just had a brainstorm of doing a rubbing over my great grandmother's and grandmother's head stones and using them in a quilt.

  4. Those spider webs are fantastic!!

  5. Wonderful spiderwebs! I love cemetaries too, the older the better.

  6. Wow- those are some great shots you got.


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