Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More on Providence

I didn't realize when I created this collage that the program was cutting down some of the pictures to fit! Oh, well. Aunt Mary has on the gold jacket, Laddie is in blue shirt, niece Katie is the lovely young lady in the white top, nephew Cody (handsome lad) in green shirt and hat, brother Marty in red shirt, niece Maggie in glasses and her dad, brother Steve with beard, cousin Susan in black with dear sister-in-law Robin also in black, me with glasses dangling and messy hair. The food at the Log Cabin was delicious...ummm. Peach cobbler delight.

I wish I'd taken a tape recorder to the service at Providence, especially to get Miz Doriz Gardener addressing the questions she had been asked. She stood up and without preamble said, "No, to the fire ants. We've tried everything. The last stuff cost $28 a bag, and they ate it for breakfast. We will keep trying, but not that problem has not been solved." "No, to the stealers. It's true that the wind can occassionally play havoc with flowers, but there is a stealer. Who could stoop so low as to steal graveyard flowers?! However, there is hope. They caught the man who was stealing flowers from a cemetery in Minden. Someone asked what I would do if we caught him, and I told them I'd take a half page add in the Shreveport Times and post his picture! But then I thought... anyone who would steal flowers from a grave wouldn't mind that. He'd probably like it!"

There were some statements that started with "Yes." However, I suspect I was laughing too hard at the "No's" to listen carefully. Miz Doris has been on the Providence Cemetery Board of Directors since 1931! Can you believe -- 75 years on the board and still as feisty and full of beans as a woman half her age. Her granddaughter has followed in her foot steps, gradually assuming responsibilities, but Miz Doris is still the one most people talk to when they have questions. Bless her heart and generous soul.


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  1. Love seeing all the family photos. You have a nice-looking family!

    The bluebonnet pic is lovely.


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