Monday, April 03, 2006

Lonely Monday

Mac isn't coming home today after all. Dr. Core is back and says Mac is settling down again, but had another episode of vomiting. He is such a little fellow, and I don't feel as confident as I did on Saturday morning.

Going to Tai Chi in the park for stress relief. And aroma therapy - scented geranimum (pergolarium).


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that Mac didn't get to come home yet. Sending good thoughts his way.

  2. poor pup! hope he's sorted soon

  3. Sorry to hear about Mac, hope he is on the mend soon. Your flower photos are lovely. Jen

  4. Hope Mac is doing better, poor baby; poor Mommy. I do so enjoy your blog, wonderful photos, fascinating info, and great poems and literature. I had to save the Anne Sexton poem. Sometimes I have technical problems commenting here but wanted you to know how fantastic I think your March dragon is, and the dragon dance video was much appreciated. I still have the 33 1/3 album of Cat Stevens singing "Morning Has Broken"; unfortunately, I hear he doesn't sing any more since his conversion, at least, not for us infidels.


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