Friday, April 14, 2006

All directions

Our spare bedroom is a complete mess. Fee took the carpet out in preparation for painting the room and putting in new carpet, and then got sidetracked with work and taxes. Now, it needs immediate attention in anticipation of a visit from out daughter and her family. I'm a nervous wreck.

Yesterday, I got out the sunprint stuff and made an effort. Walked outside with the painted fabric and toured the yard for leaves, holding the board with the fabric with one hand and grabbing leaves and placing them with the other. Why didn't I gather and press the leaves first, or decide on an arrangement? Good question. I'm not at all happy with it except that it worked! But I only used a small piece of fabric, so it goes into the experiment folder...

Made this little lady with scraps. Used a Prismacolor pen for her mouth - which bled into a mess. Have no idea why I even made this except that I am just not doing anything and wanted to have fabric in hand.

The strips that are still on the design board are going nowhere, and I need to work on them, but won't for some reason. And I've not been able to decide how to do my April JQ. Really need to make up my mind about that and get started. If I wait until the very last minute, the joy goes out of it.

Have you noticed how quiet things are on the blogging front? I guess everyone is busy with Easter prep and gardens and generally enjoying the spring weather. Hard to stay inside when the sun is shining and the temperatures are just right.

Even our Tai Chi in the park group has been hit or miss lately. Feeling of deprivation set in when a week goes by without being able to get there. Thomas and Beth don't get to as many formal classes anymore, so if I don't make it to the park, I don't see them. Nina does usually come on Saturday, but she missed last Saturday. Jimmy and I are the regulars during official class time.

Spring is such a lovely time of year, but the distractions are everywhere, and to take Fran's comment on Debra's blog and reapply it, I try "to get on my horse and ride off madly in all directions." Not surprisingly, I don't get far. I want to sew, work in the garden, go to Tai Chi in the park AND classes; I have to do laundry, various chores, errands, other obligations.

I'm going back outside and pot up some bee balm and lambs ears for Laddie. We spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday visiting various garden centers, buying plants, and planting them in his small garden.


  1. I saw the bleeding mouth as a funny smirk. Your women in cloth are very distinct, I can see that now.

  2. I like your folk people, Jen....including the smirking woman. I bet you could invent some old-timey, nostalgic town populated by these people. Come up with character development, a storyboard, possible scenarios and develop a series of quilts something like Pamdora's, only folksier. Karoda is right, your figures are very distinctive. Making Louisiana their home makes them even more interesting!

    I like your sunprints....did you use Dynaflo?

  3. You could make your woman your journal for April running off in all directions! Have some thoughts coming out of her head or little projects. She looks like her hands are tied behind her back --maybe in indecision. I am sure you can play it up!

  4. I think she's quite cute. She reminded me a little of your aunt Mary. It could be a tribute to womanhood& spring & just fun!
    I haven't had to worry about those springtime urges to be out doing things yet. We had another snow storm yesterday, but the weather gal says it'll hit 50 degrees tomorrow. Spring doesn't really get serious here until May.
    Thanks for your comments on my piece.


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