Sunday, March 26, 2006

Time for yard work

The temperatures are rising again, and the more seasonable spring weather is much appreciated. I'm not yet in full garden mode, but then the prospect of all that work that was put off in the fall is a large deterent to gardening pleasure. Some has gotten done, but not nearly enough. The demise of the peach tree (nearly 20 years old) during the Rita wind and rain makes me sad and also completely changes that area of the garden which previously got only morning sun and will now have sun all day. The shade-loving plants will have to be moved. Well, lots of re-planning to do along with the clean up.

I had to dig up and divide my huge comfrey plant in order to make a path for the lawn mower. Fears that the transplants wouldn't make it were unfounded - all four are thriving, and another one is coming back in the original location - guess I didn't get it all. Isn't the determination of plants to survive despite some of the treatment they receive an astounding green affirmation...
The grape vines survived last summer's vicious drought and are cheerfully climbing the pergola.

Laddie and I have continued to work on the WWII experiences, and discovering all kinds of connections online has been fascinating. He also wants me to do some genealogical research on both his and Mother's family -- although I know that somewhere much of this has already been done. Still, these activities are interesting for me and keep his interest...which is really important right now.

Also, synchronicity appears to be at work since we've started this project. The annual reunion of the 493rd- which has been in Florida, Colorado, California, and just about everywhere else- will be in Bossier City this year! He and Mother used to go every year, but with Mother so ill, they missed the last one. Then, in yesterday's paper, an article about a B-17 Flying Fortress that will make a stopover at Barksdale this week. Walk-through tours will be $8 and if one can afford it, 30 minute flights for $450. I'm hoping we can do the walk-through, and I can see some of what Laddie has told me about. It would be wonderful to do the flight, but that is a bit pricey. For him to actually be able to see and walk through one again should be enough. Only 9 of the more than 12,000 B-17 Flying Fortresses built are still flying today so it really is an historic opportunity.


  1. How wonderful that you are able to walk these memories with your dad. That is one thing that I never had the chance to do with mine. He died while my children were tiny and I had so many other priorities then. Now that I have the time, it is 22 years too late. He was in the Army Air Force, Iwo Jima after the Marines, building bridges, etc., so many stories that he was reluctant for so long to recall...Bless you both, what a special time for you.

  2. I wish I had a green thumb. Your plants are beautiful.

    I got to spend time with my dad in his hometown this past fall. It was so special.


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