Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's raining, it's pouring...

This is such a grey day, and one I actually appreciate because it makes me feel cozy in the house. Since much of yesterday was housecleaning and laundry, I feel like I can play without guilt today, but so far have just been lazing around and talking to Erin on the phone. Our Miss Mila is doing fine, and so is Erin except for pregnancy stomach.

These pictures help keep me motivated: a bowl I bought years ago and still love - see the crackling in the finish? Love that. And some cups I used to collect when they were reasonably priced. Bought them because they evoke a feeling in me of tea and sympathy, of comfort, of dream homes. I don't even use them because I prefer my mugs - heavier in the hand and hold more!

This is my favorite mug, front and back.


  1. that bowl is gorgeous. Your stoneware reminds me that I have a book I can finally recommend to you...Amalgamation Polka by Stephan Wright. It's a Civil War novel which I am enjoying more than The March.

  2. Actually, it is in MP3 form. Do you know of a way I could send it to you over the internet? Or is that illegal?

  3. Actually, I don't even know what MP3 form is! Ignorant, ignorant. But I saw The Amalgamation Polka (isn't that a great title?!) on the shelf at the library. :) You are the second person to recommend it, so I'll be sure to look for it next library run. Thanks, Mary!

  4. I love your bowl! I have a couple in the same feeling...love that nice round look and the sweet flowers...comfy, yep! =-)

  5. I am IN LOVE with that bowl!


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