Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bottom Line - trivial and important facts

I love my Bottom Line! I have learned about so many things before they made national news through this little periodical. It contains all kinds of financial, health, and miscellaneous information, and each little article is documented so that if you want to know more, you can easily do the research. Some of the information is important, some is completely inconsequential, but interesting.

For example, "...women who wear grapefruit scent appear to men to be about six years younger than they actually are? Scents tested that had no effect: Broccoli, banana, spearmint leaves, and lavender" Now, I ask you, did you know that? This valuable information was obtained from The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.

Did you know that "...a gallon of gas is cheap compared with the cost of a gallon of many household items? Nyquil, the cold remedy, costs $98/a gallon...Right Guard spray deodorant, $57/gallon..." From Consumer Reports Money Adviser

Or that exercise can help you heal 25% faster? The Journal of Gerontology published a study that indicated that of the 28 people who participated in the study and received a "small, but deep puncture wound" - those who began exercising daily healed 25% faster than those who did not.

I love stuff like this. I skip the financial and stock advice completely, but read the health and environmental and ODD articles voraciously.


  1. The Bottom Line site was temporarily unavailable. I thought you were talking about Bottom Line Thread, which I love!

  2. Yes, I thought about the thread too. Best ever for bobbins.
    Thanks for the interesting link (mine is working). Jen

  3. okay, Jen, so if I put a bottle of Nyquil in my tank I'll never have to buy gas again????? Annnnddddd can I bath in grapefruit juice daily????? :)

  4. I use grapefruit scented shampoo. Maybe that is why I got asked for my ID the other day?

  5. Mary & Jen - I didn't even think about the thread!!

    Karoda - Don't you wonder how much it costs to make a gallon of Nyquil? What secret ingredients do they add to the ALCOHOL? What is the profit margin?

    And the grapefruit scent - how weird is that? We must try the shampoo Jules uses!

    Jules - May I request the brand-name of your shampoo?!?

  6. I use Clairol Herbal Essences Citrus Lift. It was on sale and said it would work on fine hair. Now I will have to go to Bath and Body Works to see if they have grapefruit scented lotion...

  7. And so much nicer to smell like grapefruit than say for instance, broccoli?! Then there's the added bonus of appearing 6 years younger. What a hoot!

  8. Thanks, Jules. I certainly want to try it. Not that I'm going to ask people how old they think I am. Just for the possibility of "looking" six years younger.

    Pat, I love broccoli now, but grew up hating it because of the smell when Mother fixed it. Grapefruit seems a better choice for sure!

  9. No wonder it has been so difficult to find grapefruit sented lotion and body foam. I've been using it for years and love the smell. Men smile at me alot.

    Right now I'm using an orange and grapefruit cream which smells so delicious and the companion soap. TJ Maxx.


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