Tuesday, January 10, 2006

:( Still having email problems, but :) finished JQ

No improvement in email department; although I sent a message to BLOGGER describing the problem, I'm sure I am WAY down on the list of Bloggers With Problems.

This is a photo of Mother (I don't remember the boy's name, although she told me once, years ago) when she was about 15. She started college that year, so maybe this was a graduation party of some kind.

Just finished putting a binding (my first fused binding) on my JQ.
I used a new technique (which I enjoyed doing, but don't know if I'd ever have done it without this challenge). I'll blog up the process, etc. later. My goal is to try several techniques that I've seen in QA magazine and elsewhere, but never attempted. Must begin searching for February's technique.

Found this somewhere and consider it worth thinking about:
(feel free to appropriate, I'd love to see what your answers are)

In the new year...

1. List one person you've lost touch with that you will look up.


2. List two places you want to go.

Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival; Italy

3. List three habits you want to change or to develop.

*be more organized
*eat healthier (popcorn does not really constitute a meal even if it is a comfort food)
*pay more attention in general; be more aware

4. List four things you hope to learn.

*more about color and design choices
*more about family history
*more about dyeing fabric

5. List five goals you would like to achieve.

*attend a workshop in some area of surface design
*maybe submit a piece of work to a show
*make at least one larger work
* finish all my JQC2006 quilts
*complete the "scanning project"; scanning and repairing old photos is so time consuming, but if I can just do a few every other day or so, it will be ok. Maybe set a tentative deadline to be working toward.


  1. Jen,

    Your mother was so beautiful! And she went to college at 15?!!! So that's where you get your smarts. Looking forward to seeing your quilt with the new binding technique.

  2. how neat that you repair old photos...what program do you use to do this? The boy in the photo has lanky arms like my youngest son.

  3. Blog up? isn't that a great little phrase??!

  4. What a wonderful picture. Thanks for the new year list, I did it and put it on my blog, gulp. It was hard to put it out there for all to see.


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