Thursday, December 01, 2005

Waiting... and an addition

Fee and I are waiting to hear from Amelia. Today is her birthday, and more important, Chris is going to ask her to marry him tonight. He is taking her to The Village (mmmmm!) for dinner and is supposed to ask her when they get home. We expect a hysterical phone call soon.

OK! It's done! Rachel, Kyle, and little Chris went in, tied the ring to Lady Carolina Belle, lit the candles, waited until right before they came in, then got out of the house and waited. Amelia really had no idea. At first, all she was concerned about was how Lady Carolina Belle got out and into the living room. Then, in spite of all the candles, she was concerned about what LCB had around her neck. Then she thought it was a joke. Big Chris managed to truly surprise her. Ha, ha, ha, - Fee and I are almost as excited as Amelia.

Forgot to mention, when we were leaving after the Halloween party last month, Chris walked us to the car and told us he wanted to marry our daughter. We went home that night grinning from ear to ear!


  1. happy birthday and congratulations to your daughter Jen what a wonderful happy event,

    I love the little embroidery below too, all that handstitching, it looks very Kanthaish (sp)(in the style of Kantha work)

  2. Congratulations to your daughter..I'm guesing she said yes? Will you be consumed with wedding plans in the near future? Jen


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