Thursday, December 22, 2005

Only two days left...

Erin's apron, which sort of matches Mila's. I finished and meant to give it to her when they were here last week, but forgot.

Erin called from France to wish her Dad "Happy Birthday," and said she was having a wonderful time and that Mila is answering her "other grandparents" in French. Fee called me from Natchez tonight to tell me. He will be home tomorrow.

I'm almost finished with my shopping, thanks to gifts of money and gift certificates (finding the right gifts is sometimes just too difficult). Only a few more things to take care of - will hopefully be able to get that all done tomorrow.

Matthew (31/2) draws whales - a lot. I had a copy of one and transferred it to this apron. Then I found the little tools and put the ribbon on to hold some of them. I also found a little tool box at Walmart to hold the rest of the tools. They are so neat! The little saw has a red light and makes a sawing sound, and the little drill has different bits, a light, noise, and really screws the plastic screws in and out! I've had so much fun with them.


  1. Jen, what a great idea those aprons are. The kids will love them. It sounds like you're as ready as you'll ever be for Christmas...


  2. gift certificates work for me...if i had to actually shop (which is excruciating agony for me) there wouldn't be anything under the tree.

    Does Matthew have a collection of whale books? I love children's art work.

  3. These are great! I love the aprons. Love the whale art work too. Jen


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