Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Katrina Art

Yesterday, I received a letter and package from Susie. :) The package contained a mixed media piece from Katrina debris and had this message on the back:

Filtered Gradoux
Octavia St.
Post Katrina
Since I still can't upload pictures, #!!.*!##!^*, maybe posting a link will work. May as well try it, huh? Here it is.

Coincidentally, Susie called as I was attempting to post the picture (which still hasn't happened) and we had a long catch up conversation. She and Bobby are still working on their poor house, but are optimistic and have great plans. They are, according to her, "within walking distance of normalcy" - places with power and phone service, etc.


  1. Its always the artist that knows how to salvage chaos...what a provoking piece and testimony to Katrina and New Orleans.

  2. Love the expression "salvage chaos" - so appropriate. Although my picture was terrible, I love it and think "Salvaged Chaos" would be a wonderful title for a series of works as a testament to Katrina's devestation.


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