Thursday, December 29, 2005


Now, in addition to slow, I can't comment on some blogs. Let's see: my pictures won't post; my email is a problem; can post to some blogs, but not others; some things load fairly quickly, but others take so long I could wash dishes, dust, vacuum, and iron a load of clothes while waiting. I wouldn't, of course, but that is not the point, is it?

Fee added some stuff a few days ago and the problem may well be connected to that. Or it could be the repairs I've attempted have caused more problems. Frustrated? Oh, yes.

I'm blowin' this joint and going to pick up my prescription, deposit a check, get some thread, visit the library, and stop by Good Eats (while their name is accurate, I wish they'd been more innovative) for some of their Basil Tomato soup. Shame on me for the catty remark about their name - who cares what they call themselves ? Their food is delicious! I've never liked tomato soup, but theirs is like spoonfuls of heaven, and with a slice of their homemade crusty bread in the center, both beautiful and nourishing.

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  1. I wonder if something is going on with one of the big servers that lots of things get routed through. My 'net connection has been flake-y the past couple of days too - working fine sometimes, other times painfully slow, other times can't do a thing. So maybe it's not just your 'puter.


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