Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tai Chi and stuff...

I miss Tai Chi. From 6 days a week (MWF with the park group during lunch hour and Tues and Thurs. nights and Sat. classes) to maybe 8 times total in the last 4 months. My neck and shoulders are showing the effect of not getting that exercise, as well as the plumping out of various parts of my anatomy. I miss Qi Gong, a form of standing meditation that concentrates on breath control. Excellent means of relaxation. When I got home from Tai Chi at 9:30 or 10:00, I was both relaxed and alert, a wonderful combination. Interesting that Tai Chi provides physical, mental, and spiritual stimulation and peaceful relaxation at the same time.

When going regularly, I scheduled everything around it, but when the habit is broken, it seems hard to make the effort to re-establish it. Now that we have some sitters for Mother (and so far, I'm so delighted with the two who cover the day and evening shifts- the 11:00 shift lady, I've only met once), I'm going to try to get to the park at lunchtime maybe on Friday. That way, I can check on Mother and then meet the gang in the park. Or do the park and then check on Mom. So far though, things are still pretty new, and I've not been able to manage.

I did get to the post office Wednesday and mailed "Exotic Vines" to Sylvia. That was a relief. I delayed in getting the sleeve on and then, with package in the car, still didn't get it to the post office yesterday. Wheeew! Wiping stressful sweat from my forehead - that chore is done. Why I let things like that pray on me, I don't know. Sylvia was in no way rushing me, but I said I'd get it in the mail Monday, and today is Wednesday, and I was frantic.

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