Friday, November 25, 2005

No turkey this year...

Mother broke free from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon and is greatful to be home. Hospitals are some of the least comfortable places on earth; as important as they are, the tangled IV lines, the constant interruptions for torturous procedures, the uncomfortable beds and chairs, the confinement, etc. make sure that release is a longed for event.

Over the 13 days, Mother had so many doctors and nurses and techs and orderlies. The orderlies were super - especially Cedric, who took her to most of her procedures. We are all greatful for the skill and kindness of those who help us when we need it (Dr. Lieu is absolutely and angel in disguise, so cute and competent and cute, really cute), but home is better.

Fee brought over enough food yesterday to feed an army - not regular Thanksgiving food, though. He made a huge roast with wonderful gravy, carrots, and potatoes; grilled fish with dill sauce (mmmmm!), rolls, vegetables - especially the cauliflower dripping with cheese, coconut pie and red velvet cake (purchased). He then went back to his deer camp to cook for Amelia and big Chris, little Chris, and some other friends.

Something is wrong, and I'm unable to post pictures, but I've have some wonderful snaps of Lady Carolina Belle, Amelia's new little English bull dog. OK! Now it is working.

I ate a little with Mother and Dad, knowing that I would be going out to the camp for more food later. Mother practiced running into things with the battery operated wheelchair, that little devil will turn on a dime, and at one point it looked as if she were dancing.


  1. I'm glad to hear your Mom is out of the hospital & you sound much better too!

  2. Yay on your mother getting out of the hospital and I'm so glad to hear someone helped out with less worry!

    That bulldog is adorable!!!

  3. Jen,

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And your mother too! I hope some of your worry has been eased. That bulldog puppy looks pretty contented, too!

  4. so pleased your mum is home,

  5. The pics of the dog are too cute, looks like she's quite satisfied with life.

  6. Oh My God! That puppy is simply adorable!! Good news about your mother..


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