Sunday, October 30, 2005


You will sink in a mire. You like to think you're
normal, but deep down you really just want to
strip off your clothes and roll around in
chicken fat.

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
brought to you by

On another macabre topic, Amelia forgave me and "reissued" the
invitation tho her party after seeing my latest flattering comments
about Jezza Belle and L. J. So - we didn't actually have to crash the party.

It really was our 34th anniversary, so I wore my wedding dress
(a bit yellow and wrinkled - a la Miss Havisham), but added a bit
of interest with an artfully placed towel. Fee wore classic hippy
garb - to represent our misspent youth.

Pictures tomorrow.


  1. Too funny, Edward Gorey but may skip this quiz out of fear...heh, heh. Glad you got to go to the party, proud that you can still fit into your wedding dress. I don't even own mine was red indian print...cut it up to go into a quilt.

  2. Mrs. Havisham is one of the creepiest characters in literature but you look lovely!


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