Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Slow as molasses...

My computer is still running at the speed of cold molasses and is driving me crazy!

I added names to the "I Dream of Africa" pin swap entry. Thanks to Karen, Tish, and Ginger.

Almost finished with the quiltlet with too-damn-many pieces. And that particular experience will never happen again. I'm pretty good with tedious, but this was worse than tedious. Since I might use this for a swap there will not be a picture until I finish the other possibility and decide which one would work best.

I'm also late doing a photo for Simple Still Life - and, uh, maybe I'd better get busy on that if I want to participate. Have been looking at photos on other blogs and obviously I'm running behind. Of course, that is literally how I feel about so many things lately: a vehicle is speeding away while I run behind about as quickly as my computer operates right now -
m o l a s s e s.

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  1. I got a feeling your computer must have taken a dive and not come back up for air.

    I hope the goddess of the web is good to you very soon.


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