Saturday, September 24, 2005


Local shelters are all full again. Up to 10 inches of rain a possibility here, but mostly concerned about tornados. Wind gusts are getting pretty powerful. Mother Nature is not happy, and several areas have lost power. Our lines are underground - thankfully. We do have flood insurance, Amelia. I don't pay that bill, but your father assured me that we do.

Deb Spincic is in Conroe and hasn't posted since last night, so hope all is well there. Conroe is just north of Houston which, so far, has not been hit as hard as expected.


  1. Thinking of you, hope you all come out of the storm ok. Jen

  2. Any damage at your place? We came out very well. You are right--the storm veered away from us but it really let Beaumont have it.

    I really think Katrina was a big wakeup call for everyone. Maybe we needed that. . . .

  3. Peach tree down in the back yard, but it was about 15 years old and that's really old for a peach tree. Since there was really no serious wind damage, we think it just surrendered because it was tired.

    Over 6" of rain, but not in such a short amount of time that it was a problem at our house. We didn't lose power, but about 180,000 in our area will be without power for a week or so.

    We were really lucky; if it had stalled out as they predicted, we might have floated away.

    Yes, a wakeup call even for our area who have felt pretty safe being so far inland...


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