Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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Still haven't decided on the name. Arlee suggested "Freeze Frame" which I like. Mary M. liked Bony Moon (from Indian moon/months post below). I'm kind of thinking of a combination:
"Freeze Frame: Snow Moon" - Arlee's suggestion + Indian name for December/January moon.
Also liked "Hunger Moon" ...


  1. Jen this is beautiful, I realllllly like it,
    funny how people see the top squares as film strip, when I saw them I thought MacKintosh as in Charles Rennie and still do, very Glasgow school,
    i like Hunger Moon >bare trees<
    love your black and white stash,

    I seem to be having problems leaving comments, this didn't show so I'll try again sorry if it shows twice

  2. Thanks, Frances, for introducing me to Charles Rennie MacIntosh! I was not familiar with him or with his work and Googled for more info. I especially liked his furniture designs, and since I've
    always liked the Arts & Crafts movement, his drawings were fascinating, too. He even has a drawing called "Harvest Moon" - although there are no similarities to my quilt - it is mostly blue and very organic/ art deco.


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